Ladies Ministry
Devotions · Service Activity
Discussion · Fellowship · and
Dessert — Meets the 2nd
Thursday of the month
(November 10) at 12:30pm
in the Grace Center.
Priscillas’ Card Shoppe
$1.00 Greeting Cards for all occasions are available including Christmas Cards at a special offer of 3 for $1.00.
The beautiful card rack is located in the hall outside of the church offices.
Cheese Balls are Limited!
Cheese balls will be available again this year, but there will be only one batch.
Pat Horst, who is instrumental in the whole cheese ball process, has been injured, so we needed to cut back.
The sale will be on Sunday, November 20th. One batch makes about 384, so because there will be just one batch, we can’t accept large orders. There will be a limit of four per person and pre-orders cannot be taken We will have 50 cheeseballs available at the Advent Jubilee. Thank you to all for your always enthusiastic participation.
Any questions, call Peggy Lohse 360-671-8453.
Mites for Missions
We collect mite offerings on the first Sunday of the month. Please join us in making
a joyful noise to the Lord! Based on the Biblical account of the widow’s mite (Mark
12:41-43), the Mite Box is intended for regular contributions of “mites” — offerings
above and beyond the support given to the congregation and the Synod. Mite Box contributions amount to millions of dollars that fund district and national mission grants. The LWML has collected over 127 million dollars since 1942. These coins have, and will, continue to make a difference. Thank you for contributing to the Mite Box and providing the opportunity for us to spread the Gospel to the world.